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....your book is magnificient. Thank God you have captured the essence of him and his legacy in your beautiful treasure.

Beverly Maloof


For Sam Maloof, furniture is about function. “Furniture should be felt,” he says. “I think that art is alive and wants to be felt, and it wants to be touched.” Photographer Gene Sasse pays homage to the master woodworker in an equally tactile experience, Maloof Beyond 90: An American Woodworker, a book so finely crafted, it’s a work of art itself.

American Style Magazine - June 2009


This is the most beautiful book I have ever seen. It brings tears to my eyes.

Sam Maloof at his 93rd birthday


I looked at the book site and was blown away. What typically happens in a recession is that time-honored traditions fall by the wayside, and we lose a piece of our heritage every time. Sam represents one of the crafts that helped shape the frontier and formed one of the building blocks of our country. It would be a shame to allow “progress” and a down economy that allows us to lose sight of the craftsmen and the trades that were once a foundation of America.

Tony Panaccio - News Director, Event Management Services Inc


Gene Sasse’s talented eye has crafted a publication whose beauty comes ever-so-close to equaling the brilliance of the design and warmth of the wood in Sam Maloof’s phenomenal creations.

Tom Carruth - Hybridizer/Horticulturist, Weeks Roses


Gene's artful photographs give the viewer a sense of being an unseen presence over Sam's shoulder as he works, and a welcome guest in his home. The elegance of the book¹s cover, the paper and the printing are a perfect complement to the timeless quality of Sam Maloof¹s woodwork.                

Nancy Gall - Photography Department Chair at Riverside Community College


"Maloof byond 90: An American Woodworker" Holding it gave me shivers. Proof that books themselves can be works of art in their own right.                

Lydia Plunk - Writer


Turning the pages of “Maloof beyond 90” is like tasting the best chocolate ever made.                

Leslie Codina - Artist



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